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Oracle Project Portfolio Analysis User Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13622-04
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Oracle Project Portfolio Analysis User Guide


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Overview of Oracle Project Portfolio Analysis

Introduction to Oracle Project Portfolio Analysis
Portfolio Planning Process Flow
Integration with Oracle Project Management
Predefined Workflow Processes

Creating a Portfolio

Overview of a Portfolio
Basic Portfolio Information
      Portfolio Roles
Creating a Portfolio
Deleting a Portfolio

Creating a Planning Cycle

Overview of Planning Cycles
Defining a Planning Cycle
      Planning Cycle Elements
      Investment Criteria
      Basic Information
      Financial Information
      Discount Rate
      Funds Available
      Display Factor
      Targets and Financial Metrics
      Investment Mix
      Distribution List
      Initiating a Planning Cycle
Planning Cycle Statuses

Collecting Project Information

Overview of Collecting Project Information
Project Configuration
      Portfolio Selection Class Category in Oracle Project Management
      Investment Class Category in Oracle Project Management
      Using Financial Plans
      Project Funding Approval Status
      Project Scorecard
Collecting Projects
Planning Cycle Exceptions

Creating and Managing Scenarios

Overview of Scenarios
      Scenario Components
      Scenario Charts and Graphs
      Scenario Regions
Creating a Scenario
      Adding Projects to Scenarios
      Removing Projects from a Scenario
      Viewing Projects in a Scenario
Managing a Scenario
      Ranking Projects
      Recommending Projects
      Comparing Scenarios
      Recommending Scenarios
      Withdrawing Scenarios

Approving a Portfolio Plan

Overview of the Approval Process
Submitting a Portfolio Plan
Approving a Portfolio Plan
Rejecting a Portfolio Plan
Closing a Planning Cycle

Formulas and Calculations

Formulas in Oracle Project Portfolio Analysis