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Oracle E-Business Tax Implementation Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13629-03
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Oracle E-Business Tax Implementation Guide


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Understanding Oracle E-Business Tax

The Oracle E-Business Tax Solution
E-Business Tax Components
      Tax Content Services
      Tax Determination Services
Analyzing Your Tax Requirements
      Who am I?
      What are the operations/businesses that I have?
      What taxes am I subject to?

Setting Up Applications for Oracle E-Business Tax

Implementation Checklist for Oracle E-Business Tax
Setting Up Tax Users
Setting Profile Option Values
Setting Up Lookup Codes
Setting Up TCA Geography Hierarchy
Setting Up Legal Entity
      Applying End Dates to Legal Entities
Setting Up Operating Units
Setting Up Accounts and Accounting Information
Setting Up TCA Classifications
Setting Up Oracle Inventory

Managing Migrated Data

Migrated Tax Data in Oracle E-Business Tax
Tax Classification Codes in Oracle E-Business Tax
Tax Configuration Migration Path

Setting Up Country-Specific Taxes

Country Setup Examples
United Kingdom Value Added Tax (VAT)
Canadian Sales Tax
United States Sales and Use Tax

Troubleshooting Oracle E-Business Tax and Sample Scenarios

Determining Why a Tax Does Not Calculate
Using and Troubleshooting the Financial Tax Register
Troubleshooting AutoInvoice Tax Issues
Troubleshooting Error Messages
Sample Scenario: EU VAT Setups