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Oracle E-Business Tax Reporting Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13630-03
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Oracle E-Business Tax Reporting Guide


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Tax Reporting Ledger

Tax Reporting Ledger Overview
Describing the Report Parameters
Using Register Types
Tax Reporting Ledger Column Descriptions
Customizing Output for the Report
Troubleshooting and Improving Performance

E-Business Tax Reports

Common Report Parameters
Customers with Invoices at 0 VAT and No VAT Registration
E-Business Tax Transactions Upgrade On Demand
Financial Tax Register
Intra-EU Audit Trail Report
Tax Partner Services Plug-In
Tax Received Report
Tax Reconciliation Report
Tax Reconciliation by Taxable Account Report
Tax Register Report
Tax Audit Trail Report
Tax-Only Open Invoices Report
VAT Exception Report
U.S. Sales Tax Report

EMEA VAT Reporting

Oracle Financials for Europe EMEA VAT Reporting
EMEA VAT Reports
Running the European Sales List (ESL) Report

Latin American and Asia/Pacific Tax Reporting

Oracle Financials for the Americas Tax Reporting
Oracle Financials for Asia/Pacific Tax Reporting