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Oracle E-Business Tax User Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13631-03
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Oracle E-Business Tax User Guide


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Setting Up Taxes in Oracle E-Business Tax

Setting Up Taxes in Oracle E-Business Tax

Setting Up the Basic Tax Configuration

Evaluating Your Tax Configuration
Setting Up Tax Regimes
      Using the Regime to Rate Flow
      Taxes and Geographic Locations
Setting Up Taxes
      Updating a Tax
      Setting Up Offset Taxes
      Managing Tax Use and Availability
Setting Up Tax Statuses
Setting Up Tax Rates
Setting Up Tax Recovery Rates
Setting Up Tax Reporting Types
Setting Up Tax Jurisdictions
      Setting Up a Tax Jurisdiction
      Mass Creating Tax Jurisdictions
Setting Up Tax Accounts
Setting Up Tax Zones
Using Application Tax Options

Managing Tax Profiles and Registrations

Party Tax Profiles in Oracle E-Business Tax
      Setting Up Parties for Self-Assessment
      Setting Up a First Party Tax Profile
      Setting Up a Tax Authority Tax Profile
      Setting Up an Operating Unit Tax Profile
      Setting Up a Third Party Tax Profile
Setting Up Tax Exemptions
Setting Up a Tax Registration
Setting Up Country Default Controls

Managing Configuration Owners and Service Providers

Configuration Options in Oracle E-Business Tax
      Setting Up Configuration Options
Setting Up Service Subscriptions
Managing Event Class Settings
      Reviewing Event Class Mappings
      Reviewing Event Class Options
Setting Up Configuration Owner Tax Options
      Defining Tax Tolerances

Setting Up Fiscal Classifications

Fiscal Classifications in Oracle E-Business Tax
Setting Up Party Fiscal Classifications
      Updating Legal Classification Tax Usage
Setting Up Product Fiscal Classifications
Setting Up Tax Exceptions
Setting Up Transaction Fiscal Classifications

Setting Up and Using Tax Rules

Tax Rules in Oracle E-Business Tax
Setting Up Tax Rules: Guided Rule Entry
Setting Up Tax Rules: Expert Rule Entry
Using Direct Tax Rate Determination
      Using Tax Classification Codes in Tax Rules
Managing Tax Rules
Setting Up Tax Determining Factor Sets
      Determining Factor Classes and Tax Condition Values
      Setting Up a Determining Factor Set for Tax Rules
      Setting Up a Regime Determination Set
Setting Up Tax Condition Sets
Setting Up Tax Formulas
      Updating a Tax Formula

Managing Transactions

Transactions and Oracle E-Business Tax
Tax Handling on Transactions
Entering and Updating Tax Lines
      Entering a Manual Tax Line
      Changing Existing Tax Line Information
      Canceling an Existing Tax Line
Managing Detail Tax Lines
Managing Summary Tax Lines
      Allocating Summary Tax Lines
      Managing Tax Distributions
Managing Tax Exemptions
Using the Oracle Tax Simulator