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Oracle Loans User Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13646-04
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accounting derivation rules link
accounting events link
  accounting for loan approval link
  accounting for loan billing link
  accounting for loan cancellation link
  accounting for loan funding link

adding collateral link
  customizing amortization schedule link
  manual bills link
  paying off loan with customized amortization schedule link

amortization schedule link
approving a loan link


  LNS: Billing Program link

  adding borrowers and guarantors link
  creating a new organization link
  creating assets link

budgetary control
  approval depends on funds availability link
  Oracle Loans setup for budgetary control link
  setting up budgetary control link
  subsidy rate link


concurrent program
  LNS: Billing link
  LNS: Fee Assessment link
  LNS: Generate Distributions link
  LNS: Receipts Application Engine link
  LNS: Refresh Materialized Views link
  LNS: Reverse Last Bill link

Concurrent: Report Access Level profile option link
creating a loan link
  creating a direct loan application link
  creating an ERS loan application link

creating credits link
creating manual bills link
credit and rebill link
credit review link


defining loan conditions link
defining loan fees link
  defining credit accounts for fees link
  preaccrued interest link

defining Oracle Loans lookups link
disbursing a loan link
  adding a payee link
  creating a disbursement schedule link


enabling notifications link


  event based fees link
  managing fees link
  manual fees link
  memo fees link
  recurring fees link

funding a loan
  funding and loan dates link
  funding process flow link
  updating funding status link


integration with Oracle Receivables link


LNS: Allow to Bill and Pay from UI link
LNS: billing program link
LNS: Disable Loan Class Access profile option link
LNS: Generate Loan Number profile option link
loans overview link
  amortization link
  conditions link
  fees link
  general link
  notes link
  rates link
  related loans link

loans servicing
  servicing center link


memo fees due before first loan payment link


Oracle HRMS setup link
Oracle Loans setup link
Oracle Payables setup link
Oracle Receivables setup link
Oracle Resource Manager setup link
Oracle System Administrator setup link
Oracle Workflow setup link
outstanding bills link
overview of loan billing link
overview of loan funding link
overview of loans servicing link


payments link
  accounting for loan payments link
  processing loan payoffs link

profile option categories
  description link
  not owned by Oracle Loans link
  overview link
  owned by Oracle Loans link

profile options
  Concurrent: Report Access Level link
  descriptions link
  LNS: Default Loan Product link
  LNS: Disable Loan Class Access link
  LNS: Generate Loan Number link
  overview link


rates setup link
  LNS: Loan Agreement Report link
  LNS: Loans Portfolio Report link
  LNS: Loans Reconciliation Report link


  loan history link
  loan overview link
  payment detail link
  payment history link
  payment overview link
  summary link

setting up accounting link
  creating loan accounting for direct loans link
  creating loan accounting for ERS loans link

setting up loan types
  creating a loan type link
   See also updating a loan type

setting up loans products
  creating a loan product link
   See also updating a loan product

setting up Oracle Loans link
setting up system options link
  billing link
  fee accounting link
  general link
  original receivable adjustment link

submitting the LNS: billing program link
submitting the LNS: reverse last bill program link


updating a loan link
updating loan status link
  running scoring to update loan status link

using notifications link
using Oracle Loans link
  Oracle Loans within the Oracle E-Business Suite link

using reports link
using the loans dashboard link


validation for loan accounting link
view current amortization and payment history link
viewing accounting events link
viewing borrowers link