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Oracle Asset Tracking User's Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13672-06
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Understanding Field Service Integration

This chapter covers the following topics:

Overview of Understanding Field Service Integration

This topic provides an understanding of the interaction between Oracle Asset Tracking and Oracle Field Service, as well as the functionality of Oracle Field Service.

About Field Service Integration

With Oracle Field Service you can create service requests and tasks for internal assets. Oracle Asset Tracking provides Oracle Field Service with the complete service history for both customer and internal assets. When Field Service debrief transactions are captured as part of the item instance transaction history, Oracle Asset Tracking captures the associated service request and task. It also tracks the date and time an asset is in or out of service. In addition, Oracle Asset Tracking can update the operation status of a recovered asset to Out of Service. All Oracle Asset Tracking deployment transactions can be performed from Oracle Field Service. Please refer to the section About Asset Deployment for more details.

For more information on Oracle Field Service refer to the Oracle Field Service User Guide.

Viewing Service Request Numbers and Task Numbers

Use this procedure to view service request numbers and task numbers in the transactions history of Oracle Asset Tracking.


You must have an asset with an associated service request or task number.

To view service request numbers and task numbers

  1. From the Asset Tracking Super User responsibility, navigate to Transactions and then select View Transactions.

  2. Query the transaction for which you want to view the service request or task number.

  3. Find the service request or task number within the query results table: