Engineering Tools Menu

Engineering Tools menu

Change the status of ECOs and ECO revised items by using the Tools menu and choosing a status. Other functions available from the Oracle Engineering Tools menu include:

Reschedule Opens the Reschedule window to reschedule ECOs and ECO revised items. To reschedule ECOs, the Engineering Change Orders: Reschedule security function must be included as part of the responsibility.
Enter Costs Opens the ECO Costs window so that you can enter engineering or manufacturing implementation costs.
Copy Bill from Opens the Copy Bill window so that you can copy a bill into an ECO.
Check for Loops Verifies that a bill does not contain items are not listed as components of the same item. Opens the Approval Dates window which shows the date the ECO approval list was requested, the date it was approved, or the days remaining for approval to take place.
View Dates View ECO information including: scheduling information, pending and implemented ECOs approval status, revised item status, etc.
View Approvals If an approval list is used, the approval status can only be changed manually, pending formal approval from a list member. If a workflow process is associated with the ECO, the approval status is changed automatically.
Abort Approvals Aborts the Workflow approval process. This is only available if the ECO approval status is Approval Requested. This is only available if the ECO: Approvals security function is included as part of the responsibility.

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