Device Integration

This chapter covers the following topics:

Understanding Device Integration

Oracle MES for Process Manufacturing uses the device integration capability of Oracle Warehouse Management System to read weighing scales. Full mobile device support provides a query for dispensable items directly from a handheld device, and selection of dispensing jobs. You can read data from the scale with a single click.

Most data entry required for dispensing and preweigh is related to specifying material details such as item number, and lot and quantity information. Barcode readers to scan item and lot information provide data entry capability and eliminate data entry errors. Standard weighing scale integration is provided to read the quantities data directly from production scales or balances.

Setup procedures are documented in the mobile device user's guide for configuration information.

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Mapping a Device to a Resource

The Oracle Warehouse Management material handing device integration lets you manage data through several different methods. After mapping a dispenser to a resource, you can export a measurement command to a dispenser and import measurement data from for processing to MES for Process Manufacturing.


Define material handling devices. See: Defining Devices, Oracle Warehouse Management User's Guide and Explaining Material Handling Devices, Oracle Warehouse Management User's Guide.

Initiate the business event, see: Material Handling Devices and Business Events, Oracle Warehouse Management User's Guide

Note: You can map a single device for both the Process Parameter Event and the Process Dispensing Event.

To map a device to a resource

  1. Navigate to the Plant Resources window in the Process Engineer responsibility.

  2. Enter the Organization.

  3. Query the desired Resource.

  4. Select Devices. The Resource Devices window displays.

  5. Enter device information.

  6. Enter the Device Response to the process Parameter to map the device to the resource.

  7. Save your work.

  8. Verify the device mapping by performing an appropriate task that requires entry of a process parameter or performance of a dispensing-related operation.

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Using Integrated Devices

Using Integrated Devices to Enter Process Parameters

A process parameter is entered to record information such as temperature, humidity, relative barometric pressure, or elapsed time pertinent to product manufacturing. Use process parameters as set points, comparison values, or to document environmental conditions or the measured duration of an operation. See: Mapping a Device to a Resource

To measure process parameters using an integrated device

  1. Navigate to the Production Supervisor responsibility.

  2. Create a batch from a recipe that requires entry of process parameters.

  3. Navigate to the Batches window to release the batch.

  4. Navigate to the Batch Steps window to release the batch step that has the requirement for process parameter entry.

  5. Select Activities to display the Step Activities window.

  6. Select the desired activity.

  7. Select Resources to display the Step Resources window.

  8. Select the desired resource.

  9. Select Process Parameters to display the Resource Process Parameters window.

  10. Select the desired process parameter.

  11. Select Read Selected Process Parameter to trigger the measurement and data entry sequence.

    The application reads the parameter from the integrated device and communicates the reading to the application. The Actual process parameter displays.