Oracle Configure to Order Process Guide


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Overview of Configure-to-Order Implementation

Overview of Oracle Configure to Order
Process Flows
Feature Highlight
Examples Used in This Manual


Model Items, Bills, and Routing
Preconfiguring Items
Sourcing Setup for ATO Models
Forecasting and Master Scheduling for ATO Models
Order Management Setup
Shipping Setup
Purchase Pricing for Models and Supplier Communication
Custom CTO Packages

Create and Process Configurations

Enter Configured Orders
Create Configuration Items
Supplying Unique Configurations
Pick Release and Ship Confirm
Intercompany Invoicing
Activity and Generic Holds in the Order Process

Supply To Order Workbench

Supply to Order Workbench

Order Changes and Returns

Order Changes
Processing Constraints
Re-instituting Prior Processing Constraints

Updating Existing Configurations

Updating Existing Configurations

Deactivating Configuration Items and Purging Data

Deactivate Configuration Items
Order Purge
Purge Matching Tables