Oracle E-Records Implementation Guide


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Introduction to Oracle E-Records

Electronic Records
Sign What You See
One-step E-signatures
      Framework Components
      Online Versus
Touch Screen User Interface

E-record Signature Flows

Online Flow
Deferred Flow
Oracle Applications Framework Signature Confirmation

Implementing E-records

Setting Up Responsibilities
Enabling the
Enabling the
Setting Up Oracle Approval Management
Setting Up the Configuration Variables
Running the E-record Event Setup Verification Report
Setting Up Indexed XML Elements
Security Rules
Related Events
Setting Up Related Events
Setting Up Ad Hoc Signers
Manually Enabling E-Records Only
Enabling One-Step E-signatures
Setting Up Redlining
Enabling E-Records in Mobile Supply Chain Applications
Force E-Record Generation

Setting Up Security Rules

Technical Requirements
Setting Up Secure Elements
Adding E-record Security Rules
Security Rule Examples
Maintaining E-record Security Rules
Viewing Security Rule Details
Updating Security Rules
Deleting Security Rules
Running the E-record Security Policy Administration Program


Types of Documents
ERP Documents
Uploading Documents
Document Status
Checklist Functionality
Uploading Documents
Querying Documents
Viewing Document Details
Updating a Document
Deleting Documents
Sending Documents for Approval
Signing a Document
Signing With E-Initials
Updating Signers
Adding Signers
Reordering Signers
Managing Templates Using iSignatures
Linking a Document to a Website

Maintaining Oracle E-Records

Generating XML
Generating E-Record Documents
Validating E-record Events
Validation Information Details
Adding a New Indexed XML Element
Maintaining Indexed XML Elements
Viewing Indexed XML Element Details
Updating Indexed XML Elements
Deleting Indexed XML Elements
Running the Oracle E-records XML Element Synchronization Program
Running the Oracle E-records XML Element Optimization Program
Purging Temporary E-record Tables
Framework Verification
Using the Single Event Framework Verification Window
Inter Event Framework Verification
Working With Test Scenarios
Adding a New Event to a Test Scenario
Raising a New Event After Event Approval

Reporting and Printing

Evidence Store
The E-record Detail
E-record Details
Printing E-records
The Printing Process
Selecting Many Documents or Related Documents for Printing
Printing the Collated E-record

Oracle E-Records Events

Oracle E-Record Events

Navigation Paths

Navigation Paths