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Oracle Number Portability Concepts and Procedures
Release 12.1
Part Number E14598-03
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Oracle Number Portability Concepts and Procedures


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Overview of Oracle Number Portability

What is Oracle Number Portability
Why use Oracle Number Portability?
Key Features
Business Processes
      Service Order Administration
      Service Management System
      Service Fulfillment Management
Integration and Dependencies

Basics of Oracle Number Portability

Accessing the Number Portability Center
The Number Portability Center
      Tabs in the Number Portability Center
      Buttons in the Number Portability Center
Understanding Number Portability
      Location Routing Numbers
      Types of Number Portability
Service Providers
Understanding Orders
Porting Phases in Oracle Number Portability
Porting Statuses
Workflows in Oracle Number Portability
Messaging in Oracle Number Portability
      Message Definitions
      Message Elements
The iMessage Studio
      Message Processing Logic in Oracle Number Portability
      Messages, Events and Timers
      Configuring iMessage Subscription
The Event Manager
Timers in Oracle Number Portability
Jeopardy Management
Geographic Area Definitions
Subscription Versions
      Order Subscription Versions
      Network Subscription Versions

Managing Number Porting Orders

Submitting Number Port In Requests
      Submitting a Port In Request Using the Test Center Interface
      Submitting a Port In Request Using a PL/SQL Interface
Viewing Order Information
      Viewing Existing Order Information
      Viewing Network Element Information Associated with an Order
Monitoring Runtime Events
Monitoring Runtime Messages
Finding Timer Messages Associated with an Order
Managing Customer Information

Setting Up Oracle Number Portability

Work Items in Oracle Number Portability
      Standard Work Item Parameters
      Default Work Items in Oracle Number Portability
Workflow Activity Functions
      Standard Function Activities Provided by Oracle Workflow
      Standard Function Activities Provided by Oracle Service Fulfillment Manager
      Standard Function Activities Provided by Oracle Number Portability
      User-Defined Function Activities
Working with Messages
Defining a Message
Adding Message Elements
Setting Message Structure
Defining Message Data Source
Defining Message Processing Logic
Compiling a Message
Sending a Test Message
Creating an Event
Creating a Timer
Associating Messages with Subscribers
      Associating Responses with Events
      Registering Default Message Subscribers
Defining Geographic Areas
      Defining Geographic Area Types
      Defining Geographic Areas
Defining Service Providers
Defining Porting Status Types
Interface Definition
Fulfillment Elements
Fulfillment Actions
Defining Number Ranges and the Network Map
      Defining Served Number Ranges
      Defining a Network Map
Defining Lookup Codes
Setting up System Profile Options
Setting up Personal Profile Options
Defining User Display Messages
The Oracle AOL Generic Loader
Transferring Lookups to Workflow
Downloading Porting Lookups to File
Downloading Common Lookups to File
Managing Users
      Login Interfaces
      Roles, Responsibilities, and Permissions

Administering Oracle Number Portability

Resubmitting an Order
Managing System Queues
Managing Network Connections
Oracle Number Portability Start and Stop
Recompiling Fulfillment Procedures
Purging Transactional Data
Validating System Configuration

Submitting an Order

XML for Submitting an Order from the Test Center Interface
PL/SQL Script for Submitting an Order