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Oracle Manufacturing Scheduling User's Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E15190-03
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Oracle Manufacturing Scheduling User's Guide


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Manufacturing Scheduling

Overview of Manufacturing Scheduling
Constraint-Based Scheduling
Manufacturing Scheduler Workbench Navigation
      Tree Hierarchy
      Gantt Chart Pane
      Changing the Timeline
      Select Resource(s) Pane
      Resource Load Versus Capacity Pane
      Scrolling and Resizing the Panes
      Workbench Menus and Toolbar
      Workbench Toolbar

Setting Up

Overview of Setting Up
      Related Product Setup Steps
      Setup Flowchart and Checklist
      Setup Checklist
Setup Steps
Defining Work in Process Parameters
Profile Options
Defining WIP Resource Definition
Defining Simultaneous and Alternate Resources
Overview of Scheduling Objectives
      Setting up Scheduling Objectives
      Penalty Factors
      Defining Resource Setup Information
      Resource Instances
Defining WIP Scheduling Priority

Using the Scheduler Workbench

Overview of Workbench
Launching the Workbench
Filtering Jobs
      Customer and Sales Order Information
Viewing a Property Window
      Job Properties Window
      Operation Properties Window
      Resource Properties Window
Showing Select Resources and Resource Load Versus Capacity Panes
      Selecting a Resource
Adjusting Resource Capacity
Rescheduling Jobs, Operations, and Resources in the Gantt Chart
      Manually Rescheduling Start and End Dates
      Automatically Rescheduling Jobs and Operations

Creating, Scheduling, and Importing Jobs

Overview of Creating, Scheduling, and Importing Jobs
Creating and Scheduling a New Job
      Resource Instances
      Scheduling Jobs with Simultaneous and Alternate Resources
Creating Final Assembly Orders
Importing Jobs and Schedules

Exception Messages

Reviewing Exception Messages
      Scheduling Exceptions Window
      View All Exceptions Window

Rescheduling Discrete Jobs

Overview of Rescheduling Discrete Jobs
Rescheduling All Jobs
      Scheduling Horizon
Backward and Forward Scheduling
Scheduling Dates on the Discrete Jobs Window
Rescheduling the Entire Shop Floor
Rescheduling a Single Job or Operation
Alternate Resources

Shop Floor Modeling

Overview of Shop Floor Modeling
Minimum Transfer Quantity
Resource Batching

Windows and Navigator Paths

Windows and Navigator Paths