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Oracle Supplier Management User's Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E16534-01
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Oracle Supplier Management User's Guide


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Introduction to Oracle Supplier Management

Supplier Lifecycle Management
      360 Degree Supplier View
      Extended Supplier Profile
      Supplier Search
      Supplier Profile Management (including Self-Service)
      Registration and On-Boarding of New Suppliers
      Qualification Management
      Compliance and Profile Audits
      Performance Evaluation
      Supplier Notifications
Supplier Hub
      Supplier Master Profile
      Extended Supplier Profile
      Enhanced Supplier Classification
      Supplier Hierarchy Management
      Data Import and Source System Management
      Data Quality Management
      Data Enrichment using D&B Integration
      Data Publication and Synchronization
      Features Available from Both Supplier Lifecycle Management and Supplier Hub

Supplier Directory Services

Overview of Supplier Directory Services
Supplier Profile
      Supplier Profile Pages
Searching for Suppliers
      Simple Search
      Advanced Search
      Smart Search
Exporting Supplier Profile to Spreadsheet
Notifying Suppliers

Managing Supplier Registration and Qualification

Overview of Supplier Registration and Qualification
Using Self-Service Supplier Registration
Registering Suppliers
Managing New Supplier Qualification
      Responding to an RFI
      Evaluating Suppliers
Approving New Suppliers
      Reviewing RFI Synchronization with Supplier Profile
Registering Supplier Users
      Inviting Supplier Users
      Registering Supplier Users
      Approving and Managing Supplier User Profile
      Supplier Registered Supplier Users
Creating Suppliers
On-Boarding Suppliers on Oracle Supplier Network

Managing Supplier Profiles

Maintaining Supplier Profile (Supplier Self-Service)
Periodic Supplier Profile Audit
Enriching Supplier Profile
Managing Deliverables
Managing Supplier Material Qualification
Managing Supplier Tasks and Notes

Managing Supplier Performance

Overview of Supplier Performance Management
Evaluating Supplier Performance


Overview of Notifications
Subscribing to Notifications
Notifying Suppliers
Notifying Internal Users
System Notifications

Managing Supplier Classifications

Supplier Classifications
Assigning Classifications

Managing Supplier Hierarchy

Supplier Hierarchy

Managing Supplier Import and Source Systems

Bulk Import
Bulk Import Process
      Define Pre-requisites
      Generating Batches
      Loading Data into Interface Tables
      Importing using Spreadsheet
      Activating the Batch
      Defining Import
      Viewing and Updating the Batch
      Purging Data from Interface Tables
Running Batch Load

Managing Supplier Data Quality

Overview of Managing Supplier Data Quality
Identifying Duplicates in New Supplier Request
Identifying Duplicates During Supplier Creation
Identifying System Duplicates
Using Automerge
Creating Merge Request
      Merging Supplier Transactions
      Managing Merge Request
      Mapping and Submitting Merge Request
Enabling Existing Party as Supplier
Purging Suppliers
Maintaining Parties

Managing Supplier D&B Enrichment

Overview of Supplier D&B Enrichment
Searching for Suppliers in D&B
Enriching New and Approved Suppliers

Publishing and Synchronizing Supplier Data

Overview of Supplier Data Publication and Synchronization
Business Events
Exporting Search Results to Excel
Publishing Supplier Profile
Tracking Publication History
Generating Supplier Profile Report