Oracle In-Memory Cost Management for Discrete Industries User's Guide


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Overview of In-Memory Cost Management

In Memory Cost Management Setup

Setting Up In-Memory Cost Management
Connecting to Data Sources
Profile Options

In-Memory Cost Planning

Overview of In-Memory Cost Planning
Searching and Viewing Allocation Pools
Creating and Updating Allocation Pools
Searching and Viewing Allocation Scopes
Creating and Updating Allocation Scopes
Searching and Viewing Allocation Rules
Creating and Updating Allocation Rules
Searching and Viewing Cost Plans
Creating and Updating Cost Plans

Cost Plan Analysis

Overview of Cost Plan Analysis
Viewing Plan Organization Summary Cost Information
Viewing Plan Item Summaries and Details
Viewing Plan Cost Structure Details
Viewing Overhead Summaries and Details
Viewing Resource Summaries and Details

Cost Simulations

Overview of Cost Impact Simulations
Using the Member Selector
Creating Cost Simulations
Viewing Cost Simulation Summaries and Details
Modifying Cost Simulation Results

Profit Analysis

Overview of Analyzing Gross Profits
Generating Data for Profit Analysis
Selecting Search Criteria
Viewing an Overview of Gross Profits
Viewing Gross Profit Products
Viewing Gross Profit Customers
Viewing Impacts on Gross Profit

Cost Comparisons

Overview of Cost Comparisons
Searching for Cost Comparison Elements
Viewing Cost Comparison Results

Navigation Paths

In-Memory Cost Management Navigation Paths

Interfaces for In-Memory Cost Management

Incremental Margin Load for Planned Orders Interface
Supply/Demand Interface for Cost Planning

Concurrent Programs

In-Memory Cost Management Concurrent Programs
      Loading Incremental Margins
      Purging Margin Data
      Purging Simulation Records
      Simulation Margin Load Programs
      Write Back Simulation to EBS
      In-Memory Cost Planning Concurrent Programs