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Oracle Solaris Cluster Software Installation Guide     Oracle Solaris Cluster
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1.  Planning the Oracle Solaris Cluster Configuration

Finding Oracle Solaris Cluster Installation Tasks

Planning the Oracle Solaris OS

Guidelines for Selecting Your Oracle Solaris Installation Method

Oracle Solaris OS Feature Restrictions

Oracle Solaris Software Group Considerations

System Disk Partitions

Guidelines for the Root (/) File System

Guidelines for the /globaldevices File System

Volume Manager Requirements

Example - Sample File-System Allocations

Guidelines for Non-Global Zones in a Global Cluster

SPARC: Guidelines for Sun Logical Domains in a Cluster

Planning the Oracle Solaris Cluster Environment


Software Patches

Public-Network IP Addresses

Console-Access Devices

Logical Addresses

Public Networks

Quorum Servers

NFS Guidelines

Service Restrictions

Network Time Protocol (NTP)

Oracle Solaris Cluster Configurable Components

Global-Cluster Name

Global-Cluster Voting-Node Names and Node IDs

Zone Names

Private Network

Private Hostnames

Cluster Interconnect

Transport Adapters

Transport Switches

Global Fencing

Quorum Devices

Zone Clusters

Global-Cluster Requirements and Guidelines

Zone-Cluster Requirements and Guidelines

Guidelines for Trusted Extensions in a Zone Cluster

Planning the Global Devices, Device Groups, and Cluster File Systems

Global Devices

Device Groups

Cluster File Systems

Choosing Mount Options for Cluster File Systems

UFS Cluster File Systems

VxFS Cluster File Systems

Mount Information for Cluster File Systems

Planning Volume Management

Guidelines for Volume-Manager Software

Guidelines for Solaris Volume Manager Software

Guidelines for Veritas Volume Manager Software

File-System Logging

Mirroring Guidelines

Guidelines for Mirroring Multihost Disks

Guidelines for Mirroring the Root Disk

2.  Installing Software on Global-Cluster Nodes

3.  Establishing the Global Cluster

4.  Configuring Solaris Volume Manager Software

5.  Installing and Configuring Veritas Volume Manager

6.  Creating a Cluster File System

7.  Creating Non-Global Zones and Zone Clusters

8.  Installing the Oracle Solaris Cluster Module to Sun Management Center

9.  Uninstalling Software From the Cluster

A.  Oracle Solaris Cluster Installation and Configuration Worksheets


Finding Oracle Solaris Cluster Installation Tasks

The following table shows where to find instructions for various installation tasks for Oracle Solaris Cluster software installation and the order in which you should perform the tasks.

Table 1-1 Oracle Solaris Cluster Software Installation Task Information

Set up cluster hardware.
Oracle Solaris Cluster 3.3 Hardware Administration Manual

Documentation that shipped with your server and storage devices

Plan global-cluster software installation.
Install software packages. Optionally, install and configure Sun QFS software.
Establish a new global cluster or a new global-cluster node.
Configure Solaris Volume Manager software.
Configuring Solaris Volume Manager Software

Solaris Volume Manager documentation

Install and configure Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM) software.
Configure cluster file systems, if used.
(Optional) Create non-global zones.
(Optional) Create zone clusters.
(Optional) SPARC: Install and configure the Oracle Solaris Cluster module to Sun Management Center.
Plan, install, and configure resource groups and data services. Create highly available local file systems, if used.
Develop custom data services.