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Oracle Solaris Cluster Data Service for Oracle TimesTen Guide     Oracle Solaris Cluster
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1.  Installing and Configuring HA for TimesTen

A.  HA for TimesTen Extension Properties

B.  Deployment Example: Installing HA for TimesTen in a Failover Configuration

C.  Deployment Example: Installing HA for TimesTen in an Active-Active Configuration

Target Cluster Configuration

Software Configuration


Installing and Configuring HA for TimesTen on Local Storage

Example: Preparing the Cluster for HA for TimesTen

Example: Installing TimesTen Software on Local Storage

Example: Enabling TimesTen Software to Run in the Cluster

Example: Defining TimesTen Replication in an Active-Active Configuration

D.  Deployment Example: Installing HA for TimesTen in a Scalable Subscriber Configuration


Example: Installing TimesTen Software on Local Storage

This example illustrates how to install TimesTen software on local storage. Perform this procedure on zone1 and zone2.

  1. Create the /etc/TimesTen directory and set the permission for the timesten user.
    zone1# mkdir /etc/TimesTen
    zone1# chgrp -R timesten /etc/TimesTen
    zone1# chmod 775 /etc/TimesTen
    zone2# mkdir /etc/TimesTen
    zone2# chgrp -R timesten /etc/TimesTen
    zone2# chmod 775 /etc/TimesTen
  2. Log in as the TimesTen user.
    zone1# su - timesten
    zone2# su - timesten
  3. Create the data directory /timesten/data on local storage.
    zone1$ mkdir /timesten/data
    zone2$ mkdir /timesten/data
  4. Change to your software directory and install the TimesTen software on both nodes.
    zone1$ cd /repository/
    zone1$ tar xf timesten1121.tar
    zone1$ cd ./solx8664
    zone1$ ./

    Provide the following answers to the questions. Most prompts in this example accept the default.

    Please choose an instance name for this installation? [ tt1121 ] 
    Instance name will be 'tt1121'. Is this correct? [ yes ]
       Of the three components:    
    [1] Client/Server and Data Manager   
    [2] Data Manager Only   
    [3] Client Only  Which would you like to install? [ 1 ]  
     Of the following options :    
    [1] /export/tt
    [2] /my-data/solx8664   
    [3] Specify a location   
    [q] Quit the installation  
    Where would you like to install the tt1121 instance of TimesTen? [ 1 ] 3 
    Please specify a directory to install TimesTen? [ /export/tt ] /timesten  
    Where would you like to create 
    the daemon home directory? [ /timesten/TimesTen/tt1121/info ] 
    Would you like to specify a different location for the daemon logs? [ no ] 
    Do you want to use the default port number for the TimesTen daemon? [ yes ] 
    Restrict access to the the TimesTen installation to the group 'timesten'? [ yes ]  
    Please enter a value for TNS_ADMIN (s=skip)? [  ] s 
    What is the TCP/IP port number that you want 
    the TimesTen Server to listen n? [ 53389 ] 
    Do you want to install QuickStart and the TimesTen Documentation? [ no ]  
    Would you like to install the documentation (without QuickStart)? [ yes ]  
    Where would you like to create 
    the doc directory (s=skip)? [ /timesten/TimesTen/tt1121/doc ]

    Repeat this step on the other node.

  5. Adjust the PATH variable to contain the TimesTen binaries, for convenience.
    zone1$ PATH=$PATH:/timesten/TimesTen/tt1121/bin
    zone1$ export PATH
    zone2$ PATH=$PATH:/timesten/TimesTen/tt1121/bin
    zone2$ export PATH
  6. Add the following lines to the /timesten/TimesTen/tt1121/info/sys.odbc.ini file on both nodes.
  7. Connect to the data store.
    zone1$ ttIsql -e "exit;" test
    zone2$ ttIsql -e "exit;" test
  8. Stop the TimesTen server on both nodes.
    zone1$ /timesten/TimesTen/tt1121/startup/tt_tt1121 stop
    zone2$ /timesten/TimesTen/tt1121/startup/tt_tt1121 stop
  9. Leave the TimesTen user and the non global zone.