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Solaris DHCP Service Developer's Guide
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1.  Overview of Solaris DHCP Data Access Architecture

Modular Framework

DHCP Server Multithreading

Data Access Layers

The Framework Configuration Layer

The Service Provider Layer API

Data Store Containers

2.  Architecture Features for Module Writers

3.  Service Provider Layer API

4.  Code Samples and Testing


Chapter 1

Overview of Solaris DHCP Data Access Architecture

This chapter presents an overview of the architecture of the Solaris Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) service introduced in the Solaris 8 7/01 operating environment. This overview can help you see where your work will fit into the architecture.

For general information about the Solaris DHCP service, see Chapter 7, About Solaris DHCP (Overview), in System Administration Guide: IP Services.

The following topics are included: