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Solaris X Window System Developer's Guide
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1.  Introduction to the Solaris X Server

2.  DPS Features and Enhancements

3.  Visuals on the Solaris X Server

4.  Font Support

Font Support in the Solaris X Server

X Font Server

Available Font Formats

Optional Font Package

Associated Files

Outline and Bitmap Fonts

Replacing Outline Fonts With Bitmap Fonts

Replacement Conditions

Using TrueType and F3 Fonts in DPS

Locating Fonts

Changing the Default Font Path in X11

Installing and Managing Fonts

5.  Server Overlay Windows

6.  Transparent Overlay Windows

7.  Security Issues

A.  Reference Display Devices



Using TrueType and F3 Fonts in DPS

TrueType and F3 fonts behave exactly like Type1 fonts, except /FontType returns 42 for TrueType and 7 for F3 fonts. For example, the following PostScript code works the same regardless of the kind of font.

findfont 50 scalefont setfont 10 10 moveto (ABC)


But the following code yields 42 for a TrueType font, 7 for an F3 font, and 1 for a Type1 font.

/FontType get ==

The kind of font returned depends on the current DPS internal resource path.