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Font Administrator User's Guide
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1.  Getting Started

2.  Viewing Fonts

3.  Making Fonts Available

A.  Font Administrator Messages

B.  Font Administrator Utilities

Adding Font Path Elements (sdtfpadd)

sdtfpadd Command Syntax

Listing Font Path Elements (sdtfpls)

sdtfpls Command Syntax

Removing Font Path Elements (sdtfprm)

sdtfprm Command Syntax

Installing Fonts (sdtfontadd)

sdtfontadd Command Syntax

Listing Fonts (sdtfontls)

sdtfontls Command Syntax

Removing Fonts (sdtfontrm)

sdtfontrm Command Syntax

C.  Asian Font Sets


Listing Fonts (sdtfontls)

This utility lists fonts in a directory.

sdtfontls Command Syntax

/usr/dt/bin/sdtfontls [-x][dir]



Lists fonts by their X Logical Font Descriptor or XLFD name. Bitmap (PCF) and Type 1 fonts are listed by their XLFD names. Font types that have no XLFD name and are only accessible through Display Postscript, such as Type 3 and Type 0, are not listed.


Specifies the directory to list fonts from. If no directory is specified, the default is the current directory.