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Font Administrator User's Guide
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1.  Getting Started

2.  Viewing Fonts

3.  Making Fonts Available

A.  Font Administrator Messages

B.  Font Administrator Utilities

C.  Asian Font Sets

Searching for Font Sets

Replacing Font Set Elements

Naming Font Sets


Appendix C

Asian Font Sets

In applications that use Asian languages, multiple fonts of different character sets must be grouped together to create an accurate representation of written language on the screen. These groupings are called font sets.

Font Administrator provides the ability to edit font sets. First, you can search for font sets that meet your search criteria. Then you can change the fonts that make up a font set, or you can add missing fonts to complete an incomplete font set.

This appendix explains how to use Font Administrator to edit Asian font sets.

Note - The information in this appendix only applies to Asian fonts users. Disregard this information if you do not use Asian fonts.