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Solaris Volume Manager Administration Guide
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1.  Getting Started With Solaris Volume Manager

Solaris Volume Manager Roadmap--What's New

Solaris Volume Manager Roadmap--Storage Capacity

Solaris Volume Manager Roadmap--Availability

Solaris Volume Manager Roadmap--I/O Performance

Solaris Volume Manager Roadmap--Administration

Solaris Volume Manager Roadmap--Troubleshooting

2.  Storage Management Concepts

3.  Solaris Volume Manager Overview

4.  Solaris Volume Manager for Sun Cluster (Overview)

5.  Configuring and Using Solaris Volume Manager (Scenario)

6.  State Database (Overview)

7.  State Database (Tasks)

8.  RAID-0 (Stripe and Concatenation) Volumes (Overview)

9.  RAID-0 (Stripe and Concatenation) Volumes (Tasks)

10.  RAID-1 (Mirror) Volumes (Overview)

11.  RAID-1 (Mirror) Volumes (Tasks)

12.  Soft Partitions (Overview)

13.  Soft Partitions (Tasks)

14.  RAID-5 Volumes (Overview)

15.  RAID-5 Volumes (Tasks)

16.  Hot Spare Pools (Overview)

17.  Hot Spare Pools (Tasks)

18.  Disk Sets (Overview)

19.  Disk Sets (Tasks)

20.  Maintaining Solaris Volume Manager (Tasks)

21.  Best Practices for Solaris Volume Manager

22.  Top-Down Volume Creation (Overview)

23.  Top-Down Volume Creation (Tasks)

24.  Monitoring and Error Reporting (Tasks)

25.  Troubleshooting Solaris Volume Manager (Tasks)

A.  Important Solaris Volume Manager Files

B.  Solaris Volume Manager Quick Reference

C.  Solaris Volume Manager CIM/WBEM API


Solaris Volume Manager Roadmap—Administration

For Instructions
Graphically administer your volume management configuration
Use the Solaris Management Console graphical user interface (GUI) to administer your volume management configuration.
Online help from within Solaris Volume Manager (Enhanced Storage) node of the Solaris Management Console application
Graphically administer slices and file systems
Use the Solaris Management Console GUI to administer your disks and file systems, performing such tasks as partitioning disks and constructing UFS file systems.
Online help from within the Solaris Management Console application
Optimize Solaris Volume Manager
Solaris Volume Manager performance is dependent on a well-designed configuration. Once created, the configuration needs monitoring and tuning.
Plan for future expansion
Because file systems tend to run out of space, you can plan for future growth by putting a file system into a concatenation.