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System Administration Guide: Naming and Directory Services (NIS+)
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Part I About Naming and Directory Services

1.  Name Service Switch

Part II NIS+ Setup and Configuration

2.  NIS+: An Introduction

3.  NIS+ Setup Scripts

4.  Configuring NIS+ With Scripts

5.  Setting Up the NIS+ Root Domain

6.  Configuring NIS+ Clients

7.  Configuring NIS+ Servers

8.  Configuring an NIS+ Non-Root Domain

9.  Setting Up NIS+ Tables

Part III NIS+ Administration

10.  NIS+ Tables and Information

11.  NIS+ Security Overview

12.  Administering NIS+ Credentials

13.  Administering NIS+ Keys

14.  Administering Enhanced NIS+ Security Credentials

15.  Administering NIS+ Access Rights

16.  Administering NIS+ Passwords

17.  Administering NIS+ Groups

18.  Administering NIS+ Directories

19.  Administering NIS+ Tables

20.  NIS+ Server Use Customization

21.  NIS+ Backup and Restore

22.  Removing NIS+

23.  Information in NIS+ Tables

24.  NIS+ Troubleshooting

NIS+ Debugging Options

NIS+ Administration Problems

NIS+ Illegal Object Problems

nisinit Fails

NIS+ Checkpoint Keeps Failing

Cannot Add NIS+ User to a Group

NIS+ Logs Grow too Large

Lack of Disk Space for NIS+

Cannot Truncate NIS+ Transaction Log File

NIS+ Domain Name Confusion

Cannot Delete org_dir or groups_dir

Removal or Dissociation of NIS+ Directory From Replica Fails

NIS+ Database Problems

Multiple rpc.nisd Parent Processes

rpc.nisd Fails

NIS+ and NIS Compatibility Problems

User Cannot Log In to NIS+ Domain After Password Change

nsswitch.conf File Fails to Perform Correctly

NIS+ Object Not Found Problems

NIS+ Syntax or Spelling Error

Incorrect NIS+ Path

NIS+ Domain Levels Not Correctly Specified

NIS+ Object Does Not Exist

Lagging or Out-of-Sync NIS+ Replica

NIS+ Files Missing or Corrupt

Old /var/nis Filenames

Blanks in NIS+ Name

Cannot Use Automounter in NIS+

Links To or From NIS+ Table Entries Do Not Work

NIS+ Ownership and Permission Problems

No NIS+ Permission

No NIS+ Credentials

NIS+ Server Running at Security Level 0

User Login Same as NIS+ Machine Name

Bad NIS+ Credentials

NIS+ Security Problems

NIS+ Security Problem Symptoms

Login Incorrect Message

Password Locked, Expired, or Terminated

Stale and Outdated NIS+ Credential Information

Corrupted NIS+ Credentials

Keyserv Failure

Machine Previously Was an NIS+ Client

No Entry in the NIS+ cred Table

Changed NIS+ Domain Name

When Changing a Machine to a Different NIS+ Domain

NIS+ and Login Passwords in /etc/passwd File

Secure RPC Password and NIS+ Login Passwords Are Different

Preexisting /etc/.rootkey File

Root Password Change Causes Problem in NIS+

NIS+ Performance and System Hang Problems

NIS+ Performance Problem Symptoms

NIS+ Checkpointing Operations

NIS+ Variable NIS_PATH

NIS+ Table Paths

Too Many NIS+ Replicas

Recursive NIS+ Groups

Large NIS+ Database Logs at Startup

Master rpc.nisd Daemon Died

No nis_cachemgr

NIS+ Server Very Slow at Startup After NIS+ Installation

niscat Returns: Server busy. Try Again

NIS+ Queries Hang After Changing Host Name

NIS+ System Resource Problems

NIS+ Resource Problem Symptoms

Insufficient Memory in NIS+

Insufficient Disk Space in NIS+

Insufficient Processes in NIS+

NIS+ User Problems

NIS+ User Problem Symptoms

NIS+ User Cannot Log In

NIS+ User Cannot Log In Using New Password

NIS+ User Cannot Remote Log In to Remote Domain

NIS+ User Cannot Change Password

Other NIS+ Problems

How to Tell if NIS+ Is Running

NIS+ Replica Update Failure

A.  NIS+ Error Messages

About NIS+ Error Messages

Common NIS+ Namespace Error Messages

B.  Updates to NIS+ During the Solaris 10 Release

Solaris 10 and NIS+



Chapter 24

NIS+ Troubleshooting

In this chapter, problems are grouped according to type. For each problem there is a list of common symptoms, a description of the problem, and one or more suggested solutions.

In addition, Appendix A, NIS+ Error Messages contains an alphabetic listing of the more common NIS+ error messages.

Note - NIS+ might not be supported in a future release. Tools to aid the migration from NIS+ to LDAP are available as of the Solaris 9 release. For more information, see System Administration Guide: Naming and Directory Services (DNS, NIS, and LDAP) and visit NIS+ End-of-Feature (EOF) Announcement FAQ.