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Solaris 64-bit Developer's Guide
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1.  64-bit Computing

2.  When to Use 64-bit

3.  Comparing 32-bit Interfaces and 64-bit Interfaces

Application Programming Interfaces

Application Binary Interfaces

Compatibility Between 32-bit Applications and 64-bit Applications

Application Binaries

Application Source Code

Device Drivers

Which Solaris Operating Environment Are You Running?

4.  Converting Applications

5.  The Development Environment

6.  Advanced Topics

A.  Changes in Derived Types

B.  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Chapter 3

Comparing 32-bit Interfaces and 64–bit Interfaces

As discussed in Getting Past the 4 Gigabyte Barrier, most 32-bit applications run unchanged in the Solaris 64-bit operating environment. Some applications might only need to be recompiled as 64-bit applications, others need to be converted. This chapter is directed at developers who have determined that their application needs to be recompiled or converted to 64-bit, based on the items discussed in Getting Past the 4 Gigabyte Barrier.