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Solaris 64-bit Developer's Guide
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1.  64-bit Computing

Getting Past the 4 Gigabyte Barrier

Beyond Large Address Spaces

2.  When to Use 64-bit

3.  Comparing 32-bit Interfaces and 64-bit Interfaces

4.  Converting Applications

5.  The Development Environment

6.  Advanced Topics

A.  Changes in Derived Types

B.  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Chapter 1

64-bit Computing

As applications continue to become more functional and more complex, and as data sets grow in size, the address space requirements of existing applications continue to grow. Today, certain classes of applications need to exceed the 4 Gigabyte address space limitations of 32-bit systems. Examples of applications that exceed the 4 Gigabyte address space include

The desire to make these applications and other large applications run efficiently has been the primary impetus for the development of 64-bit computing.