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Oracle Solaris Trusted Extensions Label Administration
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1.  Labels in Trusted Extensions Software

2.  Planning Labels (Tasks)

3.  Making a Label Encodings File (Tasks)

4.  Labeling Printer Output (Tasks)


6.  Example: Planning an Organization's Labels

A.  Sample Label Encodings File

Classifications and Compartments

label_encodings.example File


Classifications and Compartments

The sample file has the following four classifications:

In this model, PUBLIC is the sensitivity label for communications across the Internet. INTERNAL_USE_ONLY is the sensitivity label for communications within the company.

The sample file defines compartments to appear only in labels that have the NEED_TO_KNOW classification. The sample file also specifies that the default word Comps is changed to the word Departments in label-builder GUIs.

NEED_TO_KNOW compartments are: