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Oracle Solaris Trusted Extensions Label Administration
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1.  Labels in Trusted Extensions Software

2.  Planning Labels (Tasks)

3.  Making a Label Encodings File (Tasks)

4.  Labeling Printer Output (Tasks)

Labels on Body Pages

Security Text on Banner and Trailer Pages

Specifying the Protect As Classification

Specifying Printer Banners

Specifying Channels

Configuring Security Text on Print Jobs (Task Map)

How to Specify the Words in PRINTER BANNERS

How to Specify Handling Instructions in CHANNELS

How to Set a Minimum Protect As Classification


6.  Example: Planning an Organization's Labels

A.  Sample Label Encodings File


Labels on Body Pages

By default, each print job's label is printed at the top and bottom of every body page.

Figure 4-1 shows the label PUBLIC printed at the top and bottom of a print job's body page.

Figure 4-1 Label Automatically Printed on Body Pages

The context describes the graphic.

The Security Administrator role can change the defaults so that a higher label is printed instead of the label of the print job. To print a higher label, see Specifying Channels. To hide labels completely, see Reducing Printing Restrictions in Trusted Extensions (Task Map) in Oracle Solaris Trusted Extensions Administrator’s Procedures.