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Oracle Solaris 10 9/10 Installation Guide: Planning for Installation and Upgrade
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Part I Overall Planning of Any Solaris Installation or Upgrade

1.  Where to Find Solaris Installation Planning Information

2.  What's New in Solaris Installation

What's New in the Oracle Solaris 10 9/10 Release for Installation

DVD Media Only for Installations

Oracle Solaris Auto Registration

What is Auto Registration?

How to Enable or Modify Auto Registration

When is the Data Transmitted to Oracle?

What Configurations are Supported?


How to Disable Auto Registration

Further Information

Disaster Recovery Image

What's New in the Solaris 10 10/09 Release for Installation

ZFS and Flash Installation Support

Two-Terabyte Disk Support for Installing and Booting the Solaris OS

Faster Installations

Zones Parallel Patching Reduces Patching Time

What's New in the Solaris 10 10/08 Release for Installation

Installing a ZFS Root File System

Structure Change for Installation Media

What's New in the Solaris 10 8/07 Release for Installation

Upgrading the Solaris OS When Non-Global Zones Are Installed

New sysidkdb Tool Prevents Having to Configure Your Keyboard

Prevent Prompting When You Use the JumpStart Program

NFSv4 Domain Name Configurable During Installation

What's New in the Solaris 10 11/06 Release for Installation

Enhanced Security Using the Restricted Networking Profile

Installing Solaris Trusted Extensions

Solaris Flash Can Create an Archive That Includes Large Files

What's New in the Solaris 10 1/06 Release for Solaris Installation

Upgrading the Solaris OS When Non-Global Zones Are Installed

x86: GRUB Based Booting

Upgrade Support Changes for Solaris Releases

What's New in the Solaris 10 3/05 Release for Solaris Installation

Solaris Installation Changes Including Installation Unification

Accessing the GUI or Console-based Installations

Custom JumpStart Installation Package and Patch Enhancements

Configuring Multiple Network Interfaces During Installation

SPARC: 64-bit Package Changes

Custom JumpStart Installation Method Creates New Boot Environment

Reduced Networking Software Group

Modifying Disk Partition Tables by Using a Virtual Table of Contents

x86: Change in Default Boot-Disk Partition Layout

3.  Solaris Installation and Upgrade (Roadmap)

4.  System Requirements, Guidelines, and Upgrade (Planning)

5.  Gathering Information Before Installation or Upgrade (Planning)

Part II Understanding Installations That Relate to ZFS, Booting, Solaris Zones, and RAID-1 Volumes

6.  ZFS Root File System Installation (Planning)

7.  SPARC and x86 Based Booting (Overview and Planning)

8.  Upgrading When Solaris Zones Are Installed on a System (Planning)

9.  Creating RAID-1 Volumes (Mirrors) During Installation (Overview)

10.  Creating RAID-1 Volumes (Mirrors) During Installation (Planning)



Chapter 2

What's New in Solaris Installation

This chapter describes new features in the Solaris installation programs. To view features for all of the Solaris OS, see Oracle Solaris 10 9/10 What’s New. This chapter describes the following sections.