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Oracle Solaris 10 9/10 Installation Guide: Planning for Installation and Upgrade
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Part I Overall Planning of Any Solaris Installation or Upgrade

1.  Where to Find Solaris Installation Planning Information

2.  What's New in Solaris Installation

3.  Solaris Installation and Upgrade (Roadmap)

4.  System Requirements, Guidelines, and Upgrade (Planning)

5.  Gathering Information Before Installation or Upgrade (Planning)

Part II Understanding Installations That Relate to ZFS, Booting, Solaris Zones, and RAID-1 Volumes

6.  ZFS Root File System Installation (Planning)

7.  SPARC and x86 Based Booting (Overview and Planning)

Booting for Solaris (Overview)

Booting ZFS Boot Environments (Overview)

x86: GRUB Based Booting (Overview)

x86: GRUB Based Booting (Planning)

x86: Performing a GRUB Based Installation From the Network

8.  Upgrading When Solaris Zones Are Installed on a System (Planning)

9.  Creating RAID-1 Volumes (Mirrors) During Installation (Overview)

10.  Creating RAID-1 Volumes (Mirrors) During Installation (Planning)



Booting ZFS Boot Environments (Overview)

If your system has more than one OS installed on the system or more than one root boot environment in a ZFS root pool, you can boot from these boot environments for both SPARC and x86 platforms. The boot environments available for booting include boot environments created by Solaris Live Upgrade.

On both SPARC and x86 based systems, each ZFS root pool has a dataset designated as the default root file system. If for SPARC, you type the boot command or for x86, you take the default from the GRUB menu, then this default root file system is booted.

Table 7-1 Where to Find Information on Booting

For a high-level overview of booting features
For more detailed overview of booting features
x86: For information about modifying boot behavior such as editing the menu.lst file and locating the menu.lst file
For procedures for booting a ZFS file system
For procedures for managing a boot archive, such as locating the GRUB menu.lst file and using the bootadm command