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Oracle GlassFish Server 3.1 Security Guide
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1.  Administering System Security

2.  Administering User Security

3.  Administering Message Security

4.  Administering Security in Cluster Mode

5.  Managing Administrative Security

6.  Running in a Secure Environment

Determining Your Security Needs

Understand Your Environment

Hire Security Consultants or Use Diagnostic Software

Read Security Publications

Installing GlassFish Server in a Secure Environment

Enable the Secure Administration Feature

Remove Unused Components

Removing Installed Components

Procedure To Remove an Installed Component

Remove Services You Are Not Using

Run on the Web Profile if Possible

Securing the GlassFish Server Host

Securing GlassFish Server

Securing Applications

7.  Integrating Oracle Access Manager


Remove Unused Components

Minimize the GlassFish Server installation by removing components that you are not using and do not intend to use.

The Update Tool is a standalone graphical tool bundled withGlassFish Server that you can use to find, install, and remove updates and add-ons on a deployed server instance.

The pkg command is the command-line equivalent to Update Tool. Most of the tasks that can be performed with the graphical Update Tool can be performed from a command line using the pkg tool.

To update or remove installed add-on components, use one of the following commands:

Removing Installed Components

This section describes how to use the pkg utility to remove an installed component. You can also use the Update Tool to perform this task.

Procedure To Remove an Installed Component

  1. Stop GlassFish Server.

    See To Stop a Domain in Oracle GlassFish Server 3.1 Administration Guide.

  2. To ensure that the pkg command can locate the application image, change to the base installation directory for GlassFish Server.

    cd install-dir

  3. Obtain a list of all your installed components. (The following list is for example purposes only and might not match your installed components.)

    install-dir/bin/pkg list

    NAME (PUBLISHER)                              VERSION         STATE      UFIX
    felix                                         3.0.7-0         installed  ----
    glassfish-appclient                           3.1-39          installed  ----
    glassfish-bundled-jdk (    installed  ----
    glassfish-cluster                             3.1-39          installed  ----
    glassfish-cmp                                 3.1-39          installed  ----
    glassfish-common                              3.1-39          installed  ----
    glassfish-common-full                         3.1-39          installed  ----
    glassfish-corba                               3.1.0-23        installed  ----
    glassfish-corba-base                          3.1.0-23        installed  ----
    glassfish-ejb                                 3.1-39          installed  ----
    glassfish-ejb-lite                            3.1-39          installed  ----
    glassfish-full-incorporation                  3.1-39          installed  ----
    glassfish-full-profile                        3.1-39          installed  ----
    glassfish-grizzly                             1.9.28-1        installed  ----
    glassfish-grizzly-full                        1.9.28-1        installed  ----
    glassfish-gui                                 3.1-39          installed  ----
    glassfish-ha                                  3.1-39          installed  ----
    glassfish-hk2                                 3.1-39          installed  ----
    glassfish-javahelp                            2.0.2-1         installed  ----
    glassfish-jca                                 3.1-39          installed  ----
    glassfish-jcdi                                3.1-39          installed  ----
    glassfish-jdbc                                3.1-39          installed  ----
    glassfish-jms                                 3.1-39          installed  ----
    glassfish-jpa                                 3.1-39          installed  ----
    glassfish-jsf                                 2.1.0-10        installed  ----
    glassfish-jta                                 3.1-39          installed  ----
    glassfish-jts                                 3.1-39          installed  ----
    glassfish-management                          3.1-39          installed  ----
    glassfish-nucleus                             3.1-39          installed  ----
    glassfish-registration                        3.1-39          installed  ----
    glassfish-upgrade                             3.1-39          installed  ----
    glassfish-web                                 3.1-39          installed  ----
    glassfish-web-incorporation                   3.1-39          installed  ----
    glassfish-web-profile                         3.1-39          installed  ----
    javadb-client                             installed  ----
    javadb-common                             installed  ----
    javadb-core                               installed  ----
    javaee-firstcup-tutorial                      2.0.2-6         installed  ----
    javaee-javadocs                               3.1-39          installed  ----
    javaee-samples-build                          1.0-4           installed  ----
    javaee-samples-full                           1.0-4           installed  ----
    javaee-samples-web                            1.0-4           installed  ----
    javaee-sdk-full-profile                       3.1-39          installed  ----
    javaee-tutorial                               6.0.1-10        installed  u---
    jersey                                        1.5-1.0         installed  ----
    metro                                         2.1-25          installed  ----
    mq-bin-exe                                    4.5-26.1        installed  ----
    mq-bin-sh                                     4.5-26.1        installed  ----
    mq-config-gf                                  4.5-26.1        installed  ----
    mq-core                                       4.5-26.1        installed  ----
    mq-locale                                     4.5-26.1        installed  ----
    mq-server                                     4.5-26.1        installed  ----
    pkg (                       1.122.2-50.2809 installed  ----
    pkg-java                                      1.122-50.2809   installed  ----
    python2.4-minimal ( installed  ----
    sdk-branding-full                             3.1-39          installed  ----
    shoal                                         1.5.28-0        installed  ----
    updatetool (                2.3.3-50.2809   installed  ----
    wxpython2.8-minimal ( installed  ----
  4. Uninstall the component that you want to remove from your system.

    pkg uninstall package-name

    For example:

    pkg uninstall metro

  5. Start GlassFish Server.

    See To Start a Domain in Oracle GlassFish Server 3.1 Administration Guide.

Remove Services You Are Not Using

Consider removing services that you are not using. For example, if applications are not using messaging, then consider removing the JMS from the server. Also consider removing EJB Container, JCA, and so forth.

Note - There is always a potential of making mistakes when deleting components from the GlassFish Server installation. Therefore, Oracle recommends testing your changes in a secure development environment before implementing them in a production environment.

The Updatetool and the Administration Console both provide descriptions of each installed component. In addition, the Updatetool also describes dependencies. You can use this information to decide whether you need to keep these components installed.

Before you remove a component, use the asadmin list-<component>-resources subcommand or the Administration Console to make sure that resources of a given type, for example JMS, are not in use. For example, you might use the asadmin list-jms-resources subcommand to make sure that JMS resources are not currently in use:

D:\glassfish3\glassfish\bin>asadmin list-jms-resources

Nothing to list

Command list-jms-resources executed successfully.