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Oracle GlassFish Server Message Queue 4.5 Administration Guide
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Part I Introduction to Message Queue Administration

1.  Administrative Tasks and Tools

2.  Quick-Start Tutorial

Part II Administrative Tasks

3.  Starting Brokers and Clients

4.  Configuring a Broker

5.  Managing a Broker

6.  Configuring and Managing Connection Services

7.  Managing Message Delivery

8.  Configuring Persistence Services

9.  Configuring and Managing Security Services

10.  Configuring and Managing Broker Clusters

11.  Managing Administered Objects

12.  Configuring and Managing Bridge Services

13.  Monitoring Broker Operations

14.  Analyzing and Tuning a Message Service

15.  Troubleshooting

A Client Cannot Establish a Connection

Connection Throughput Is Too Slow

A Client Cannot Create a Message Producer

Message Production Is Delayed or Slowed

Messages Are Backlogged

Broker Throughput Is Sporadic

Messages Are Not Reaching Consumers

Dead Message Queue Contains Messages

To Inspect the Dead Message Queue

Part III Reference

16.  Command Line Reference

17.  Broker Properties Reference

18.  Physical Destination Property Reference

19.  Administered Object Attribute Reference

20.  JMS Resource Adapter Property Reference

21.  Metrics Information Reference

22.  JES Monitoring Framework Reference

Part IV Appendixes

A.  Distribution-Specific Locations of Message Queue Data

B.  Stability of Message Queue Interfaces

C.  HTTP/HTTPS Support

D.  JMX Support

E.  Frequently Used Command Utility Commands


A Client Cannot Create a Message Producer


Possible causes:

Possible cause: A physical destination has been configured to allow only a limited number of producers.

One of the ways of avoiding the accumulation of messages on a physical destination is to limit the number of producers (maxNumProducers) that it supports.

To confirm this cause of the problem: Check the physical destination:

imqcmd query dst

(see Viewing Physical Destination Information). The output will show the current number of producers and the value of maxNumProducers. If the two values are the same, the number of producers has reached its configured limit. When a new producer is rejected by the broker, the broker returns the exception

ResourceAllocationException [C4088]: A JMS destination limit was reached

and makes the following entry in the broker log:

[B4183]: Producer can not be added to destination

To resolve the problem: Increase the value of the maxNumProducers property (see Updating Physical Destination Properties).

Possible cause: The user is not authorized to create a message producer due to settings in the access control file.

To confirm this cause of the problem: When a new producer is rejected by the broker, the broker returns the exception

JMSSecurityException [C4076]: Client does not have permission to create producer on destination

and makes the following entries in the broker log:

[B2041]: Producer on destination denied[B4051]: Forbidden guest.

To resolve the problem: Change the access control properties to allow the user to produce messages (see Authorization Rules for Physical Destinations).