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Oracle GlassFish Server Message Queue 4.5 Technical Overview
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1.  Messaging Systems: An Introduction

2.  Client Programming Model

3.  The Message Queue Broker

4.  Broker Clusters

Cluster Models

Cluster Message Delivery

Propagation of Information Across a Cluster

Message Delivery Mechanisms

Conventional Clusters

Enhanced Clusters

Cluster Models Compared

Cluster Configuration

5.  Message Queue and Java EE

A.  Message Queue Implementation of Optional JMS Functionality

B.  Message Queue Features



Chapter 4

Broker Clusters

Message Queue supports the use of broker clusters: groups of brokers working together to provide message delivery services to clients. Clusters enable a Message Queue service to scale messaging operations by distributing client connections among multiple brokers. Because a cluster consists of multiple brokers, the cluster helps protect against individual broker failure. Two cluster models provide different levels of message service availability.

This chapter discusses the architecture and internal functioning of broker clusters. It covers the following topics: