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Oracle GlassFish Server Message Queue 4.5 Technical Overview
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1.  Messaging Systems: An Introduction

2.  Client Programming Model

3.  The Message Queue Broker

4.  Broker Clusters

5.  Message Queue and Java EE

JMS/Java EE Programming: Message-Driven Beans

Java EE Application Server Support

A.  Message Queue Implementation of Optional JMS Functionality

B.  Message Queue Features



Chapter 5

Message Queue and Java EE

The Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) is a specification for a standard server platform hosting multi-tier, distributed enterprise applications. One of the requirements of Java EE is that distributed components be able to interact through reliable, asynchronous messaging. This interaction is enabled through the use of a JMS provider. In fact, Message Queue is the reference JMS implementation for Java EE.

This chapter explores the ramifications of implementing JMS support in a Java EE platform environment. The chapter covers the following topics:

For additional information about using Message Queue as a JMS provider for Java EE compliant application servers, see Chapter 20, JMS Resource Adapter Property Reference, in Oracle GlassFish Server Message Queue 4.5 Administration Guide.