C H A P T E R  13

Replacing DIMMs

This chapter provides procedures for installing DIMMs in the Sun Fire B100x and B200x blades. It contains the following sections:

13.1 Replacing DIMMs for the B100x Server Blade

This document provides the procedures for installing DIMMs in the Sun Fire B100x blade, and contains the following sections:

13.1.1 Before You Start

Check that the blue `Ready to Remove` LED is lit on the blade you want to remove from the system chassis.

Note - Do not remove the blade until this LED state is displayed.

See the Sun Fire B1600 Blade System Chassis Administration Guide for details of how to shut down the blade safely.

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Caution - Operating the system chassis with empty blade slots might disrupt airflow through the system chassis and will compromise EMC compliance.

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Caution - Do not touch, or apply pressure to, any part of the blade server's main printed circuit board assembly.

13.1.2 Replacing the DIMM

This section provides the following procedures:

procedure icon  To Remove the Existing DIMM

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Caution - Use proper ESD grounding techniques when handling components. Wear an antistatic wrist strap and use an ESD-protected mat. Store ESD-sensitive components in antistatic bags before placing them on any surface.

1. Remove the blade cover screws (FIGURE 1).

Use a Phillips No. 2 screwdriver to remove the screws.