C H A P T E R  1


Managing the Sun Fire B1600 Blade System Chassis

This chapter contains the following sections:

1.1 The Command-line Interface to the System Controllers

The Sun Fire B1600 blade system chassis can be managed over a local or remote serial connection or over a 10/100Mbps network connection to the management network port (NETMGT). Both the serial connector and the management network port are on the rear panel of the Switch and System Controller unit.

The management interface is called the Advanced Lights Out Management Software. This software:

1.2 Logging Into and Configuring the Switch and System Controllers

For information about logging into and configuring the Switch and System Controllers, see the Sun Fire B1600 Blade System Chassis Software Setup Guide.

Note - The command for configuring the System Controllers is the setupsc command. This command initiates an interactive setup process that enables you to configure both the active and the standby System Controllers.

1.3 Returning a System Controller to its Factory Default Settings

To return the System Controller to its factory settings, type the following at the sc> prompt:

sc> setdefaults [-y]

where the -y option causes the command to execute without prompting you for confirmation to proceed.

Note - This command does not return the switch to its factory default settings. For information about how to do this, refer to the Sun Fire B1600 Blade System Chassis Software Setup Guide.