C H A P T E R  7


Making the Standby System Controller Take Over as Active

This chapter contains the following sections:

7.1 Causing the System Controllers to Swap Roles

This chapter tells you how to make the standby System Controller take over from the active one if the active one.

Note - To perform the procedure, you must have r-level permissions for the System Controller. For information about user privileges, see Chapter 3.5.

There might be occasions when you want to force the standby System Controller to take over from the active System Controller even though there has been no failure of the active System Controller. You would need to do this, for example, in order to upgrade the System Controller firmware. (You cannot upgrade firmware on a standby System Controller.)

single-step bulletTo make the standby System Controller take over from the active System Controller, at the sc> prompt, type:

sc> setfailover
SSC0 is in Active Mode 
SSC1 is in Standby Mode. 
Are you sure you want to failover to SSC1?
All connections and user sessions will now be lost on SSC0 (y/n)? y
System Controller in SSC0 is now in Standby mode

single-step bulletTo check which System Controller is active, type:

Parameter                            Running Value      Stored Value
SSC0/SC (Active) IP private address:
SSC1/SC (Standby) IP private address:
DNS Server IP address:     

where the : characters indicate omitted information.