C H A P T E R  11



This chapter documents contains the following sections:

11.1 Introduction

This chapter tells you how to perform basic troubleshooting on your Sun Fire B1600 blade system chassis, and how to gather the information you need to supply to a Sun engineer if you call Sun support.

For information about contacting Sun support in your area, contact your local Sun service representative.

11.2 Things to Check Before You Phone Sun

Before contacting a Sun engineer, check that:

If you are:

11.3 Assembling Information to Provide to a Sun Support Engineer

This section tells you how to gather the information that will help the Sun engineer to diagnose and fix your problem. As well as passing to the engineer the system output from the commands mentioned later in this section, please tell the engineer whether it is possible to ping the malfunctioning components of the chassis. Attempt to perform the ping operation from a workstation on the same subnet as each malfunctioning component.

11.3.1 Gathering Information About the Whole Chassis

You need to capture output from the following System Controller commands:

sc>showsc -v

sc>showplatform -v

sc>showfru ssc0 ssc1

sc>showfru ps0 ps1

sc>showenvironment -v

sc>showfru sn


where n is the number of the slot containing the blade that is not operating properly.

It will also be useful to the Sun engineer you talk to if you can tell him or her which serial port, if any, you are receiving output from the System Controller on.

11.3.2 Gathering Information About a Switch

You need to capture output from the following switch console commands:

console#show system

console#show version

console#show vlan

console#show mac-address-table

console#show bridge-ext

console#show interface status

console#show interface switchport

console#show interface counters

console#show running-config

console#show startup-config

console#show logging flash

console#show logging ram

console#show spanning-tree 


11.3.3 Gathering Information About a Server Blade by Using Sun Explorer

The Sun support engineer you talk to about a malfunctioning server blade will need to see output from the Sun Explorer diagnostic tool. This section tells you how to obtain this tool and how to run it.

For information about performing preliminary diagnostics on a server blade, refer to the chapter on blade setup in the Sun Fire B1600 Blade System Chassis Software Setup Guide.

1. Download a copy of Sun Explorer either to the server blade or to a location on the network that is accessible from the server blade.

To obtain the Explorer software, visit the following web site:


2. After downloading the SUNWexplo.tar.Z file from sunsolve.sun.com, copy it to the /var/tmp directory on the server blade.

3. Log into the server blade's console as root.

4. Extract the contents of the Explorer package.


#cd /var/tmp
#uncompress SUNWexplo.tar.Z
#tar xvf SUNWexplo.tar

Alternatively, if you have gzip installed on the server blade, type:

#zcat SUNWexplo.tar.Z | tar xvf -

5. Add the Explorer package to the server blade.

#pkgadd -d . SUNWexplo

6. Run Explorer on the server blade.


# /opt/SUNWexplo/bin/explorer

7. Submit the Explorer output to Sun by E-mail using the following e-mail addresses: