C H A P T E R  4

SPARC Solaris

This chapter contains the following sections:

4.1 Installing SPARC Solaris Onto a B100s Server Blade

To install the Solaris 8 HW 12/02 (Build 5) Operating Environment onto a B100s blade, follow the instructions in the Sun Fire B1600 Blade System Chassis Software Setup Guide, the Solaris 8 Installation Guide (806-0955), and the Solaris 8 Advanced Installation Guide (806-0957).

4.2 B100s (SPARC Solaris) Server Blade Issues

The following problems are known to affect the Sun Fire B100s Server Blade:

This problem is known to affect the Blade Support Chip firmware in version 5.1.3 on the server blades. When a System Controller resets it attempts to read FRUID information from each FRU in the chassis; if it fails to read this information for a particular FRU, it powers that FRU down. It is known that when SunVTS is performing its BSC test on a blade this can cause the FRUID EEPROM to become temporarily unreadable by the System Controller. If the System Controller is reset while this test is executing on a blade, then it might not be able to read the FRU information for that blade. And if it cannot, it will power the blade down. To avoid the possibility of experiencing this problem, you would need to disable the BSC test in Sun VTS.

To make the contents of this CD available via NFS, on the NFS server, type:

# share -F nfs /cdrom/solaris8_hw1202_suppcd

Then, to load the packages onto the server blade, access the blade's console, and type:

# mount -F nfs server:/cdrom/solaris8_hw1202_suppcd /mn
# pkgadd -d /mnt/XML_Libraries_2.4.12/Product SUNWlxml SUNWlxmlx