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Sun Blade 6000 Disk Module Product Notes

Product Notes




1. Sun Blade 6000 Disk Module Product Notes

Firmware Revision History

Obtaining the Latest Firmware Updates

2. Hardware Issues

Disk Drive’s Green LED Does not Stop Blinking After Resync Completes (6717566)

Amber Locate LED Does not Show X6220 Server Blade HDDs (6711327)

Repeated Warning Messages When Inserting or Powering on a Disk Blade, SAS-NEM, or Disk (6694909)

Yellow Service LED for one Disk Comes on After RAID 1E Volume is Created (6706908)

Multiple HDD Resynch LEDs May Blink Simultaneously (6663520)

Expander Status Change Event Sent When Disk Blade is Hot-Plugged (6625472)

During Array Initialization with Build and Verify, HDDs Did Not Show the Green LED (6805033)

On the SP Console, Scrolling Characters Cause Difficulty in Cursor Navigation (6812100)

Power State of Blades From CMM Show Incorrect Environment (OFF) (6823893)

When Multiple Reset Commands are Performed the Sun Blade 6000 Will Fail to Power On (6824045)

Controller Kernel Stops Running After Reset (6793466)

procedure iconsmall spaceTo reset the controller:

procedure iconsmall space To reboot the system after reset:

Server with a SAS-2 REM Might Hang When Inserted into a Chassis with SAS-1 Devices

3. Software Issues


Oracle Solaris Issues

Linux Issues

Windows Issues

VMWare ESX does not recognize SCSI IDs (6790706)

Solaris OS Will not Install on 1 TByte RAID

Delete All Partitions Error With SUSE Linux Installer (6729550)

raidctl Operations Can Take More Than One Minute (6723851)

format Command Shows “Drive Not Available”(6725695)

Solaris Patch Required for Miniroot of Network Installers (6634536)

Solaris 0 5/08 Cannot be Installed From DVD on Server Blades in Filled Chassis (6735573)

mpxio-Capable SAS Disks Cannot be Managed by Solaris raidctl (6523832)

raidctl -l Truncates Solaris Volume Names (6729161)

Cannot Reactivate RAID Volumes on Servers Running the Solaris OS Using raidctl (6695619)

raidctl Cannot set Hot-Spare (6692827)

raidctl -d Operation Can Delete a Mounted RAID Volume (6750744)

mpt Driver Warning Messages During Solaris System Boot up (6634061)

Sun Blade T6300 and T63200 Server Modules Might Hang at Boot (6662335)

scsi_vhci.conf Setting for MPxIO Needs to be Reset (6742736)

Solaris mpxio-upgrade Incompatible with ZFS (6707555)

Failure to Complete Partition Request With SAS Disks and Windows Server 2003

Removing One NEM Causes Windows Server 2003 to Reboot (6715806)

Cannot Create Partition on Both Instances of a Dual-Pathed Disk With Windows Server 2003 (6715806)