SunScreen 3.1 Administration Guide

Viewing Logs

You view logged packets using the Log tab. You can configure policies in the packet filtering rules so that a packet gets logged when it matches or when it does not match a particular policy rule criterion. For a complete description of logs and retrieval settings see the SunScreen Reference Manualmanual.

To Set the Retrieval Mode
  1. Click the Information button in the SunScreen banner.

  2. Click the Log tab in the Information page.

    The Log page appears.

    Figure 2-4 Retrieval Settings Tab in the Log Area


  3. Click the Retrieval Settings tab at the bottom of the log.

    The two retrieval modes are historical and real time.

    • Historical mode allows you to examine a particular segment for specified time.

    • Real-time mode displays the information as the packets are passing through the Screen.

      Note -

      If you are using historical mode, you must use four digits to specify the year, for example, 2000.