SunScreen 3.1 Administration Guide

Time Objects

You can control when rules are in effect by defining time objects for them.

To Create Timed Rules
  1. Choose Time in the Type choice list.

  2. Choose New... from the Add New choice list.

The Time dialog window appears.

Figure 3-12 Time Dialog Window


  1. Enter a name in the Name field.

    Example: day

  2. (Optional) Enter a description in the Description field.

    Example: Business hours

  3. (Optional) Choose a Screen from the Screen choice list.

  4. Choose Add Row.

  5. Choose the following;

    • Day of the week

      • Start Time (hr, min)

      • End Time (hr, min)

  6. Click the OK button.

Time Object Example

This Rule Definition dialog window shows use of the time object in a rule that allows all "www" service traffic during the "day" time (where "day" was defined in the Time dialog window). By choosing a predefined Time object, this rule is applicable only for the time defined.

Figure 3-13 Example Time Object in a Rule