ChorusOS 4.0 Introduction

Setting a ChorusOS operating system Environment Variable

The values of the ChorusOS operating system environment variables are contained in the env variable located in the Environment folder. The env variable is a list, where each element represents an environment variable. This list may be empty for a new configuration. It is possible to add, remove or modify environment variables stored in this list.

Adding an Environment Variable

Select the env variable, right-click to display its context menu, and select New Element. The newly created variable is appended to the list (you might need to expand the list to see the new variable). Set the value of the new variable by editing its value field.

Modifying the Value of an Environment Variable

An environment variable is a structured variable containing two fields: a name and a value. The name field stores the name of the environment variable, and the value field stores the value of this environment variable. Edit the value field to change the value of the environment variable.

Deleting an Environment Variable

From the context menu of the environment variable, choose Delete.