ChorusOS 4.0 Introduction

Concurrent System and Application Debugging

Combine the example chorusos.brd files given in "RDBC Configuration and Usage" and "RDBS Configuration and Usage":

         rdbshost      0     "i386"  "System debug of target-i386"
         rdbshost      1     "ppc"   "System debug of target-ppc"
         target-i386   2072  "i386"  "Application debug of target-i386"
         target-ppc    2072  "ppc"   "Application debug of target-ppc"

The first two entries specify that two copies of RDBS will run on the rdbshost machine (a Solaris workstation): one on slot 0, configured to debug the target-i386 target, and another on slot 1, configured to debug the target-ppc target.

The last two entries specify the application debug of actors running on target-i386 and target-ppc respectively, and require that RDBC be running on both machines.

By attaching to the first and third targets, you can carry out application and system debugging on the same target concurrently. However, while the system is stopped it is not possible to carry out application debug because halting the system halts RDBC, as well as the application itself.