ChorusOS 4.0 Network Administration Guide

Appendix A Configuring a Portmaster

This appendix briefly describes a configuration using a Livingston Portmaster PM2E.

It is assumed that the target is connected to a port (port S7, for example) of the Portmaster. The serial line must have an inverter.

To configure the Portmaster, ask a system administrator to open a window on the Portmaster, and to set the following values:

mode: standard
port type: dialnet
dialnet type: hardwired
protocol: either 'PPP' or 'SLIP'
MTU: 1006
baud rate: 9600 9600 9600
modem control: off
flow control: RTS/CTS
IP destination: either target_PPP or target_SLIP
routing: none
compression: disabled

Press the apply button, and the remote reset button. If there are any problems, press the remote reset button again before starting PPP or SLIP.