ChorusOS 4.0 MPC8260 Target Family Guide


The sbc8260 reference BSP supports the following on board devices:

Device Id 

ChorusOS Driver 

 /cpu (time base and decrementer) sun:powerpc-(tb,dec)-timer
 /flash (FLASH memory) not supported
 /quicc8260/ (Quicc bridge) sun:powerpc-mpc8260-quicc
 /quicc8260/smc-2 (Uart) sun:quicc-smc-uart
/quicc8260/smc-1 (Uart) [smc-1 is normally used for the console. In that case it cannot be used for ppp.]  sun:quicc-smc-uart
/quicc8260/scc-1 (Ethernet) [As of the date of publication of this guide, the processor provided by Motorola does not support ethernet on scc-1 (See the MPC8260 Device errata dated September 30 1999 #CPM34). The device has been tested with the sun:quicc-scc-ether driver (available on MPC8xx), and it is possible to send and receive small packets.]  not supported
 /quicc8260/fcc-2 (Ethernet) sun:quicc-fcc-ether