ChorusOS 5.0 Transition Guide

Application Watchdog

The application watchdog feature provides a set of system calls that allow a ChorusOS actor to manage a two-stage watchdog timer. This timer can be used by applications or middleware to monitor their sanity.

A user or supervisor actor takes control of the timer by invoking the watchdog timer API. When under the control of an application, the two-stage watchdog timer must be reloaded periodically. If the first-stage timer expires, an interrupt is triggered, enabling the collection of diagnostic information by means of the system dump feature. The system is then restarted.

Note -

The ChorusOS operating system also provides a hardware reset watchdog timer, that is always operating. This watchdog is used to monitor the system sanity.

For more information on the watchdog timer feature, refer to "Watchdog Timer" in the ChorusOS 5.0 Application Developer's Guide.