ChorusOS 5.0 Transition Guide

Black Box

The ChorusOS black box feature allows applications to log events and to read the event buffer. It provides a repository for the collection and storage of event information leading up to a particular problem or circumstance.

The black box consists of a set of microkernel ring buffers into which events can be logged so that, when a problem occurs, the active buffer can be frozen for later analysis, capturing the most recent set of events.

Multiple black boxes exist, each named by a unique integer identifier. The number and sizes of black boxes on your ChorusOS operating system are tunable. A specified black box can be frozen and events can be directed into another black box.

In the event of a system crash, the black box content can be saved for further analysis with the system dump feature.

For more information on the ChorusOS black box, refer to "Software Black Box" in ChorusOS 5.0 Application Developer's Guide.