Sun Cluster 3.1 Data Service Planning and Administration Guide

How to Install and Register an Upgrade of a Resource Type

This procedure can also be performed using the Resource Group option of scsetup. For information on scsetup, see the scsetup(1M) man page.

  1. Install the resource type upgrade package on all cluster nodes.

    Note –

    If the resource type package is not installed on all of the nodes, then an additional step will be required (Step 3).

    The upgrade documentation will indicate whether it is necessary to boot a node in non-cluster mode to install the resource type upgrade package. To avoid down time, add the new package in a rolling upgrade fashion on one node at a time, while the node is booted in non-cluster mode and the other nodes are in cluster mode.

  2. Register the new resource type version.

    scrgadm -a -t resource_type -f path_to_new_RTR_file

    The new resource type will have a name in the following format.


    Use scrgadm —p or scrgadm —pv (verbose) to display the newly registered resource type.

  3. If the new resource type is not installed on all of the nodes, set the Installed_nodes property to the nodes on which it is actually installed.

    scrgadm -c -t resource_type -h installed_node_list

A new version of a resource type may differ from a previous version in the following ways.