Sun Cluster 3.1 Data Service Planning and Administration Guide

Configuring RGOffload Extension Properties

Typically, you use the command line scrgadm -x parameter=value to configure extension properties when you create the RGOffload resource. See Appendix A, Standard Properties for details on all of the Sun Cluster standard properties.

Table 2–2 describes extension properties that you can configure for RGOffload. The Tunable entries indicate when you can update the property.

Table 2–2 RGOffload Extension Properties

Name/Data Type 


rg_to_offload (string)

A comma-separated list of resource groups that need to be offloaded on a node when a critical failover resource group starts up on that node. This list should not contain resource groups that depend upon each other. This property has no default and must be set. 


RGOffload does not check for dependency loops in the list of resource groups set in the rg_to_offload extension property. For example, if resource group RG-B depends in some way on RG-A, then both RG-A and RG-B should not be included in rg_to_offload.


Default: None

Tunable: Any time

continue_to_offload (Boolean)

A Boolean to indicate whether to continue offloading the remaining resource groups in the rg_to_offload list after an error in offloading a resource group occurs.


This property is only used by the START method. 


Default: True

Tunable: Any time

max_offload_retry (integer)

The number of attempts to offload a resource group during startup in case of failures due to cluster or resource group reconfiguration. There is an interval of 10 seconds between successive retries. 


Set the max_offload_retry so that


(the number of resource groups to be offloaded * max_offload_retry * 10 seconds)


is less than the Start_timeout for the RGOffload resource. If this number is close to or more than the Start_timeout number, the START method of RGOffload resource may time out before maximum offload attempts are completed.


This property is only used by the START method. 


Default: 15

Tunable: Any time