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Logical Domains (LDoms) 1.0.3 Release Notes



Logical Domains (LDoms) 1.0.3 Release Notes

Changes for This Release

Supported Platforms

Required, Recommended, and Optional Software and Required Patches

Required and Recommended Software

Required System Firmware Patches

Location of Patches

Additional Recommended Software

Optional Software

Location of Documentation

Cards Not Supported

Memory Size Requirements

Logical Domain Channels (LDCs) and Logical Domains

Software That Can Be Used With the Logical Domains Manager

System Controller Software That Interacts With Logical Domains Software

General Notes and Issues

System Controller and Service Processor Are Interchangeable Terms

Limited Number of Logical Domain Configurations Can Be Stored on the SC

Cleanly Shutting Down and Power Cycling a Logical Domains System

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Power Off a System With Multiple Active Domains

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Power Cycle the System

Memory Size Requested Might Be Different From Memory Allocated

Dynamic Reconfiguration of Virtual CPUs With Cryptographic Units

Split PCI Regresses in FMA Functionality From Non–Logical Domains Systems

Logical Domain Variable Persistence

Bugs Affecting Logical Domains 1.0.3 Software

Format Oddities and Core Dump When Using ZVOL (Bug ID 6363316)

Logical Domains Manager Can Erroneously Assign an Offline CPU to a Logical Domain (Bug ID 6431107)

Logical Domains Manager Should Validate Disk Paths and Network Devices (Bug ID 6447740)

Network Devices

Hang Can Occur With Guest OS in Simultaneous Operations (Bug ID 6497796)

The iostat(1M) Command Does Not Provide Meaningful I/O Statistics on Domain With Virtual Disks (Bug ID 6503157)

Behavior of the ldm stop-domain Command Needs to Be Improved in Some Cases (Bug ID 6506494)

Cannot Set Security Keys With Logical Domains Running (Bug ID 6510214)

Certain ldm Subcommands Return Misleading Messages If One or More Arguments Are Missing (Bug IDs 6519049 and 6573220)

Logical Domains Manager Forgets Variable Changes After a Power Cycle (Bug ID 6520041)

When Running Cluster Software, Selecting the ok Prompt Upon a Logical Domain Shutdown Can Cause a Panic (Bug ID 6528556)

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Force the Primary Domain to Stop at the ok Prompt

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Force All Other Domains to Stop at the ok Prompt

ZFS Volumes Need to Have the Same Version of Solaris Software Running on the Service Domain and the Guest Domain (Bug ID 6528974)

Page Retirement Does Not Persist in the Logical Domains Environment (Bug ID 6531058)

Fault Manager Daemon (fmd) Does Not Correctly Recover From a Logical Domain Channel Reset (Bug ID 6533308)

Using the server-secure.driver With an NIS Enabled System, Whether or Not LDoms Is Enabled (Bug ID 6533696)

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Reset Your System

Network Performance Is Substantially Worse in a Logical Domain Guest Than in a Non-LDoms Configuration (Bug ID 6534438)

Logical Domain Time-of-Day Changes Do Not Persist Across a Power Cycle of the Host (Bug ID 6536572)

When the Logical Domains Manager is Running, OpenBoot PROM Variables Cannot be Modified by the eeprom(1M) Command (Bug ID 6540368)

Errors to Buses in a Split-PCI Configuration Might Not Get Logged (Bug ID 6542295)

Emulex-based Fibre Channel Host Adapters Not Supported in Split-PCI Configuration on Sun Fire T1000 Servers (Bug ID 6544004)

Starting and Stopping SunVTS Multiple Times Can Cause Host Console to Become Unusable (Bug ID 6549382)

Infiniband PCI-X Cards Lost if Control Domain is Rebooted (Bug ID 6551861, 6552598, 6563713, 6589192, and 6625687)

Do Not Use Control-C From the prtdiag(1M) Command (Bug ID 6552999)

Virtual Disks Created From Files Do Not Support EFI Labels (Bug ID 6558966)

Occasionally During a Solaris OS Reboot, You Can Receive an Unsuccessful Read or Write Message (Bug ID 6560890)

Heavy Network Traffic in Guest Domains Can Lead to Solaris Cluster Heartbeat Failures (Bug ID 6561424)

Inconsistent Console Behavior When Not Using the Virtual Console (Bug ID 6581309)

SP setdate Command Changes the Solaris OS Date When Using Non-Default Logical Domain Configurations (Bug ID 6586305)

Logical Domains Manager Does Not Retire Resources On Guest Domain After a Panic and Reboot (Bug ID 6591844)

Logical Domains Manager Accepts Multiple Entries of I/O Constraints (Bug ID 6591905)

Console Ports Dynamically Assigned When a Logical Domain Is Bound Become Hard Constraints If the Logical Domains Manager Subsequently Restarts (Bug ID 6596652)

Guest Domain With More Than Four Virtual Networks on the Same Network Using DHCP Can Become Unresponsive (Bug ID 6603974)

Fault Management Daemon Dumps Core On a Hardened, Single Strand Control Domain (Bug ID 6604253)

The set-vcpu Command Does Not Warn About MAUs Becoming Unreachable On Initial Reconfiguration (Bug ID 6609051)

Virtual Switch Should Be Selective When Displaying Warnings to the Console (Bug ID 6610700)

Attempting to WAN Boot a Logical Domain Using a Solaris 10 8/07 OS Installation DVD Causes Hang (Bug ID 6624950)

The scadm Command Can Hang Following an SC or SP Reset (Bug ID 6629230)

The vxdmp Utility Does Not Correctly Export Disks (Bug ID 6637560)

Addition of Virtual Disk or Network Devices Under Delayed Reconfiguration Can Fail (Bug ID 6646690)

Sometimes Failure to Make Requested Memory Allocation Change Can Cause Logical Domains Manager to Terminate (Bug ID 6648291)

The ldm panic-domain Command Returns Incorrect Error Message (Bug ID 6655083)

LDoms Multidomain Functionality Does Not Support SNMP 1.5.4 on Some Systems (Bug ID 6655981)

Simultaneous Net Installation of Multiple Domains Fails When in a Common Console Group (Bug ID 6656033)

Guest Loses Virtual Disk Services When Using a Configuration Saved During Delayed Reconfiguration (Bug ID 6659100)

Virtual Disk Channel Should Support the DKIOCPARTITION ioctl (Bug ID 6673364)

Virtual Disk Channel Should Check for Device Being Read-only Upon Opening (Bug ID 6675762)

No External Network Connectivity on Virtual Switch Services Bound to an Aggregated Device (Bug ID 6675887)

System Can Occasionally Panic During Reboot If the Virtual Switch Is Configured to Use an Aggregated Network Device (Bug ID 6678891)

The sysfwdownload Utility Takes Significantly Longer to Run While LDoms Is Enabled on UltraSPARC T1-based Systems (Bug ID 6682402)

Data Might Not Be Written Immediately to the Virtual Disk Backend If Virtual I/O Is Backed by a File or Volume (Bug ID 6684721)

Sometimes, the prtdiag(1M) Command Does Not List all CPUs (Bug ID 6686081)

SVM Volumes Built on Slice 2 Fail JumpStart When Used as the Boot Device in a Guest Domain (Bug ID 6687634)

Occasionally, SPARC Enterprise T2000 Systems Can Hang on Boot If the Virtual Switch Is Configured to Use Sun x8 Express 1/10G Ethernet Adapters (Bug ID 6687871)

Logical Domains Manager Returns Successful (0) Instead of Failed (1) Exit Code in Some Situations (Bug ID 6689040)

The rm-vdsdev Subcommand Succeeds on Another Domain While Delayed Reconfiguration Operations Are Pending (Bug ID 6692185)

When a Virtual Disk Device and a Virtual Disk Are in the Same Domain, the ldm rm-vdsdev Command Does Not Persist Across Reboots (Bug ID 6693542)

Solaris 10 11/06 OS Net Installation Fails on Guest Domain (Bug ID 6698036)

LDoms Bugs Fixed for Solaris 10 5/08 OS

Bugs Fixed for LDoms 1.0.3 Software