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Logical Domains (LDoms) 1.1 Release Notes



Logical Domains (LDoms) 1.1 Release Notes

What’s New in This Release

System Requirements

Supported Platforms

Required Software and Patches

Required and Recommended Solaris OS

Required Solaris 10 10/08 Patches

Required Software to Enable LDoms 1.1 Features

Minimum Version of Software Required

Required System Firmware Patches

Location of Logical Domains 1.1 Software

Location of Patches

Location of Documentation

Related Software

Additional Recommended Software

Optional Software

Software That Can Be Used With the Logical Domains Manager

System Controller Software That Interacts With Logical Domains Software

Known Issues

General Issues

Service Processor and System Controller Are Interchangeable Terms

Cards Not Supported

OpenBoot Firmware Now Supports power-off Command

Output of the ldm ls-config Command Changed

In Certain Conditions, a Guest Domain’s SVM Configuration or Metadevices Can Be Lost

Logical Domain Channels (LDCs) and Logical Domains

Memory Size Requirements

Booting a Large Number of Domains

Cleanly Shutting Down and Power Cycling a Logical Domains System

Memory Size Requested Might Be Different From Memory Allocated

Split PCI Regresses in FMA Functionality From Non–Logical Domains Systems

Logical Domain Variable Persistence

Sun SNMP Management Agent Does Not Support Multiple Domains

Do Not Use CPU Power Management If Domains Have Cryptographic Units Bound

The sysfwdownload Utility Takes Significantly Longer to Run While LDoms Is Enabled on Certain Systems

Processor Sets and Pools Are Not Compatible With CPU Power Management

Bugs Affecting Logical Domains 1.1 Software

Logical Domains Manager Can Erroneously Assign an Offline CPU to a Logical Domain

Logical Domains Manager Does Not Validate Disk Paths and Network Devices

Hang Can Occur With Guest OS in Simultaneous Operations

Behavior of the ldm stop-domain Command Can Be Confusing

Cannot Set Security Keys With Logical Domains Running

Logical Domains Manager Forgets Variable Changes After a Power Cycle

Page Retirement Does Not Persist in the Logical Domains Environment

Using the server-secure.driver With an NIS Enabled System, Whether or Not LDoms Is Enabled

Network Performance Is Substantially Worse in a Logical Domain Guest Than in a Non-LDoms Configuration

Logical Domain Time-of-Day Changes Do Not Persist Across a Power Cycle of the Host

Harden ds_pri Driver to Protect Against Logical Domains Hanging Indefinitely

OpenBoot PROM Variables Cannot be Modified by the eeprom(1M) Command When the Logical Domains Manager is Running

Errors to Buses in a Split-PCI Configuration Might Not Get Logged

Emulex-based Fibre Channel Host Adapter Not Supported in Split-PCI Configuration on Sun Fire T1000 Servers

Starting and Stopping SunVTS Multiple Times Can Cause Host Console to Become Unusable

Virtual Disk Timeouts Do Not Work If Guest or Control Domain Is Halted

Logical Domains Manager Does Not Retire Resources On Guest Domain After a Panic and Reboot

Guest Domain With Too Many Virtual Networks on the Same Network Using DHCP Can Become Unresponsive

Fault Manager Daemon Dumps Core On a Hardened, Single Strand Control Domain

Attempting to WAN Boot a Logical Domain Using a Solaris 10 8/07 OS Installation DVD Causes Hang

The scadm Command Can Hang Following an SC or SP Reset

Domain Services Uses One Lock for Read and Write, Which Can Cause a Logical Domain to Hang

Addition of Virtual Disk or Network Devices Under Delayed Reconfiguration Can Fail

Simultaneous Net-Installation of Multiple Domains Fails When in a Common Console Group

System Can Panic During Reboot If the Virtual Switch Is Configured to Use an Aggregated Network Device

Sometimes, the prtdiag(1M) Command Does Not List All CPUs

SVM Volumes Built on Slice 2 Fail JumpStart When Used as the Boot Device in a Guest Domain

Attempting a Network Interface Operation While Changing a Configuration Using CPR DR Can Cause the Logical Domains Manager to Terminate

Deadlock Occurs Rarely With CPU DR Operations

If the Solaris 10 5/08 OS is Installed on a Service Domain, Attempting a Net Boot of the Solaris 10 8/07 OS on Any Guest Domain Serviced by It Can Hang the Installation

Cryptographic DR Changes Incompatible With Pre-LDoms Firmware

ZFS Pool Label Does Not Indicate That a Pool Is Closed Cleanly

Sometimes CPU PM Fails to Retrieve PM Policy From the SP

Logical Domains Manager Can Take Over 15 Minutes to Shut Down a Logical Domain

Rarely, Control Domain Can Panic While Dynamically Removing a Virtual Network Interface From a Domain

Virtual Network Using Hybrid I/O Might Not Tag or Untag Packets When the Port VLAN ID Is Set

Solaris 10/08 OS Installation Hangs With ZFS Boot on Certain Servers With 1-GB Memory

Do Not Switch to Performance Mode in CPU Power Management Unless All Domains Are Up and Running the Solaris OS

With Elara Copper Card, the Service Domain Hangs on Reboot

Sometimes, Executing the uadmin 1 0 Command From an LDoms System Does Not Return the System to the OK Prompt

Unrecoverable Hardware Error Seen on Guest With 2 Hybrid Virtual Networks When the Service Domain Stops

Logical Domains Manager Displays Migrated Domains in Transition States When They Are Already Booted

Logical Domains Manager Does Not Start If the Machine Is Not Networked and an NIS Client Is Running

Newly Configured Virtual Network Fails to Establish a Connection With the Virtual Switch

Do Not Migrate a Guest Domain That Is at the kmdb Prompt

Cannot Export a ZFS Volume as a Single-Slice Virtual Disk From Service Domain Running Solaris 10 5/08 OS, or Earlier, to Guest Domain Running Solaris 10 10/08 OS

Migration Can Fail to Bind Memory Even If the Target Has Enough Available

Migration Does Not Fail If a vdsdev on the Target Has a Different Backend

After Node Reconfiguration, Logical Domains Manager Might Fail to Start on SPARC Enterprise T5440 Servers

Constraint Database Is Not Synchronized to Saved Configuration

Cryptic Message to Indicate Incoming Migration Is Disabled on the Target

Two Faulty CPUs That Include CPU 0 Can Cause Power Management Utilization Issue After Rebooting

Domain Can Lose Virtual CPUs During a Migration If Another Domain Is Rebooting

Panic Occurs When More Than Two Hybrid I/O–Capable Virtual Networks Are Activated on a Guest Domain

Migration Does Not Clean Up on Target If Virtual Network MAC Address Clashes With Existing Domain

Explicit Console Group and Port Bindings Are Not Migrated

Migration Dry Run Does Not Detect Inadequate Memory

In Certain Situations, a Domain Migration Can Fail After the Control Domain Is Rebooted

Pseudonyms for PCI Busses on Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440 Systems Are Not Correct

Cancelling Domain Migration With Virtual Networks Using Multiple Virtual Switches Might Cause Domain Reboot

Possibility That New Domain on Source System Could Be Assigned Same MAC Address as Domain That Was Successfully Migrated

Documentation Errata

VIO DR Operations Ignore the Force (-f) Option

The ldm rm-reconf Command No Longer Works

The vntsd(1M) Man Page Description for listen-addr Is Incomplete

Error in Descriptions of default-vlan-id, pvid, and vid in the ldm(1M) Man Page

The status Output Option Was Omitted for the list Subcommand in the ldm(1M) Man Page

Resolved Issues

LDoms 1.1 RFEs and Bugs Fixed in Solaris 10 10/08 OS

RFEs and Bugs Fixed for LDoms 1.1 Software